Our Stand

PAWS takes a firm stand on matters relating to animal welfare, and continues to lobby for better laws to ensure humane treatment of all animals.

To know more about our position on some of the most debated animal welfare issues, read on below. 

Animal Experimentation

PAWS is opposed to the use of animals in experimentation, and is against the use of products and establishments using animals for experimentation.

Animal Fighting

PAWS opposes any acts whereby humans incite, allow, or cause animals to fight. Dogfighting, cockfighting, and bullfighting are examples of animal “blood-sports,” which glorify violence for the sake of monetary gain, entertainment, or other purposes.

Companion Animals

PAWS approves the keeping of companion animals or pets only when there is full personal commitment to the welfare of the animals. 


PAWS believes that euthanasia is sometimes unavoidable and is, under certain circumstances, an important service that is offered to animals.

Farm Animals

Farm animals must be provided with shelter, exercise, food, water and care in a manner appropriate to their physiological and behavioral needs.

Feral or Stray Cats

PAWS is committed to minimizing the number of feral or stray cats by educating the public about spaying and neutering their own cats and keeping them indoors, and most especially through trap, neuter and return (TNR) programs.

Greyhound Racing

PAWS opposes greyhound racing and is working against the entry of greyhound racing into the country. It is inherently cruel and will worsen the pet overpopulation problem that the Philippines already faces.

Marine Animals

We are opposed to the exploitation of all marine animals for commercial, entertainment and sporting purposes.

Puppy Mills

PAWS opposes “puppy mills,” facilities and individuals who mass-produce puppies for the pet shop industry, online selling, or other retail purposes.

Retail Sale of Pets

PAWS advocates Adopt, Don’t Shop. We strongly discourage people from buying cats and dogs from pet shops and breeders. We encourage them to adopt from the shelter instead.

Stray Feeding

PAWS believes in RESPONSIBLE feeding of stray animals to avoid becoming part of the problem. Although feeding stray animals is an act of kindness, doing it incorrectly can put them at risk instead of help. 

Working Animals

PAWS believes that working animals must be treated with consideration and must be given adequate care, shelter, food and water. They must not be overworked or overloaded, nor must they be forced to work through ill-treatment.


PAWS supports the phase-out of zoos. PAWS believes that more effort should go into the preservation of these animals’ habitat and creating sanctuaries where the animals can thrive in natural environments.