Kapon for All Pets

“Kapon for All Pets” is a partnership between PAWS and participating LGUs. The program seeks to provide free or affordable kapon for pets owned by their constituents.

Through this program, LGUs are encouraged to offer incentives to vet clinics that will provide free or low-cost kapon services to pet owners in their city or municipality.

How does it work?

Every month, participating vet clinics will provide affordable or free kapon procedures for a certain number of pets owned by the LGUs’ constituents.

For example, if a city or municipality has 20 participating veterinary clinics and each clinic will provide 10 free kapon surgeries per month, a total of 200 pets in your city or municipality will be spayed/neutered for free every month.

Let your community be part of the solution. Contact your LGU and request for a Kapon for All Pets partnership with PAWS. Or you may send us their contact information so we can initiate the request.