Project CALM

PROJECT C.A.L.M. (Comforting Animals through Literacy Movement) aims to soothe and socialize shelter animals through reading.

Studies show that this activity helps shy and fearful animals get used to human interaction and learn to trust. In addition to providing companionship and making them feel less lonely, this program also helps prepare the shelter animals for future adoption. 

Who can participate?

Project CALM is for everybody! Organize a session for your company CSR, take your students for a fun and education outing, or invite your family and friends to do something meaningful together.

Project CALM Guidelines

1. To make this a worthwhile experience for your group, we recommend a minimum of 3 participants.

2. Younger students must be accompanied by a teacher or guardian at all times.

3. The main beneficiaries of this program are dogs in quarantine. Readers are advised to refrain from touching the dogs who are most likely newly rescued or not yet socialized.

4. Bringing dog treats is highly encouraged! 

5. It’s a good idea to use mosquito repellant to make your reading session more enjoyable and worry-free.