Shelter Feeding Program

The PAWS Shelter Feeding Program is organized to help alleviate the problem of food shortages in our shelter. It also allows the shelter animals to add something different to their diet other than their daily kibble.

The feeding program is simple, and could be a great bonding experience for you, your friends and your loved ones!

What to bring

For the shelter DOGS:

  • Twenty-three (23) kilograms of boiled ground pork or beef (no need for seasoning, salt, or any other cooking method)
  • Ten (10) kilograms of cooked rice
For the shelter CATS:
  • Fifteen (15) kilograms of boiled Large Galunggong (Black Scad Fish)
  • Three (3) large pumpkins – peeled, seeds removed, and boiled into a mash

For the distribution of food:

  • Two (2) large plastic basins and two (2) ladles
  • Disposable gloves
  • One (1) XL garbage bag
  • Dish washing soap and sponges for washing bowls
  • A camera to document the experience!!!


Feeding is done in the afternoon. Please be at the shelter by 1:00 so that the animals can be fed at 3:00 PM, as is their routine.

Food preparation (deboning of fish and mixing of the food) takes approximately an hour. We also give a 20 minute tour of the shelter before the feeding starts.