PAWS Aspin Club

The Aspin Club aims to alleviate the abuse and mistreatment of Aspins and to show the beauty and intelligence in these native-bred dogs.

The club hosts fundraising events such as the “Great Dog Dash” and Halloween pet costume contest. It also provides opportunities for our Aspins to socialize with other dogs through dog walks, pet photography sessions, and basic obedience lessons.

How it started

Over 50 Aspins and other mixed-breed dogs became the “founding members” of the organization. The grand launch took place in the Eastwood Central Plaza on April 24, 2010. Through these initiatives, we are teaching all Filipinos that…

Aspins are intelligent

Like purebred dogs, Aspins can also be taught tricks and obedience skills and can also excel in doggie sports.

Aspins are fun

They love to socialize and participate in social events and outdoor activities, almost as much as they love to cuddle and chill.

Aspins are beautiful

When we think of dog shows and costumes, our first thoughts are always purebred dogs, right? Well, the PAWS Aspin Club is changing all that. Aspins are beautiful and cute too!

The club requires a joining fee of P750 plus your Aspin’s vaccination record. This will get you an official PAC club shirt for the pet parent and an official bandana for your Aspin.